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There is a neighborhood Block Watch for Highpointe Homeowners. You are invited to participate. If you are interested after reading this page please contact the Board. Please note: Block Watch is only effective to the extent members of the community become involved.

To be involved do I confront my neighbor (or anybody else)? No Can I report suspicious activities anonymously? Yes (If you want feedback, you must give your name and number to the Sheriff’s Department. This is preferred. You can still request to remain anonymous outside the Department. See “Suspicious Activity Member Information”.) Do I have to report suspicious activities to the Sheriff? Yes Do I have to keep the neighborhood captain informed? Yes Do I have to be part of both an email and a telephone tree? Yes Do I have to participate in neighborhood Block Watch meetings (one per year)? Yes

You are expected to introduce yourself to people you see in the neighborhood and if you don’t know them ask them if they are residents or what their business in the neighborhood is. The intent is friendly contact with all in the neighborhood and to let all know that the neighborhood does pay attention to who is in the neighborhood. There is no intent to be confrontational.

Block Watch Block Watches are programs in which neighbors work together to keep their community safe. You and your Block Watch neighbors watch and listening for clear signs of trouble. What do I watch for? Strange vehicles, suspicious persons, and people removing valuables from homes or vehicles are good indicators that something may be wrong. Also, listen for the sound of breaking windows or wood, or screams that indicate fear. Watch for people going door-to-door or driving around the neighborhood. Finally, watch for people being forced into cars, anyone shining a flashlight into a home, or people loitering. If you see something suspicious, write down a description of the person and their vehicle. See Suspicious Activity Member Information and Suspicious Activity/Crime Report.

Block Watches are not intended to be a substitute for police. They should not become patrols or vigilante groups. You are asked to report situations to police and let them handle it.

Covington contracts with the King County Sheriff for police services.

Highpointe Block Watch Contact: Vacant contact a Board Memeber

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