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This wiki is for the benefit of the Highpointe neighborhood. You can add just about anything you think is beneficial to the community at large, but be aware that the homeowner's board has complete authority to modify, remove, or censor any content added to this wiki. The reason for this is to prevent inappropriate content to appear on the wiki. Other than that, please help the neighborhood improve our site. If you see an error, typo or missing content, try to fix it, since it is your wiki. Try to keep the pages on topic. Do not add content that is not related to what should be on any give page. Don't be afraid to create a new page to contain specific information about a certain topic. Having said that, there will be a few areas that are restricted to edits by the board members of the homeowner's association such as the Homeowner's association related pages.

All content added to this wiki will be considered property of the Highpointe neighborhood. Do not upload any files that are copyrighted. Please do not go overboard in placing personal content on this site. It is perfectly OK to add a family picture or two to your personal pages, but do not upload picture such as from your last vacation. If an individual continues to abuse this wiki, their account will be restricted from the editing of this wiki's pages.

Anyone in the community can get an account on this wiki. The only requirement is that you need to be currently living in the Highpointe neighborhood. If you move from the neighborhood, your account will be disabled and from that point you will only have the ability to view the publicly accessible pages available on this wiki.