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Highpointe vs. Pioneer Ridge

As clarification, Pioneer Ridge was the official name on legal documents of the subdivision and Pioneer Ridge Homeowners Association was the official name of the corporation which manages the subdivision common property and which is the homeowners association for the subdivision. In December of 2007 the Association name was changed to Highpointe the name on the monument sign and the name generally associated with the neighborhood.

Summary of Certain Restrictions and Requirements

We all moved into the subdivision in part because of the attractiveness of the neighborhood. “Curb appeal” is one of the keys to high property values. To help keep the attractiveness and maintain high property values there are certain restrictions or covenants on each lot in the neighborhood. When you purchased your home in Highpointe, you agreed to these covenants, restrictions, and conditions of owning a lot and house.

Association Meeting - Board Meetings - Communications

The association annual meeting is held the a Thursday in April of each year (which Thursday is determined each year to avoid conflict with school holidays). This is your time to elect the Homeowners Board and vote on significant issues. Notices will be posted in the box on the side of each mailbox stand and a notice will be mailed to each homeowner. All homeowners should be at this meeting. You are also invited to attend the monthly Board meeting, currently the meeting is the second Tuesday at 6:30. The location rotates so contact a Board member for the location. If you have questions or concerns please contact a Board member .

At this time the Board is the Architecture Control Committee.

If you ever have any appearance or safety concerns about the neighborhood, please bring them to the attention of a Board member. (See form:Communicating Areas of Concern.) The board will work with homeowners to make sure this remains a great place to live.

Meeting Minutes

Common Neighborhood Issues -- We Need Your Help

Trash Containers

Waste containers including compost bins are to be kept in an enclosed area and screened from view. Containers visible from any street, sidewalk or common area are not considered appropriately screened. (See Section 5.0 of Rule and Regulation 2007-1 (PDF)and Section 8.1.1 of Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions for Highpointe (PDF).)


Please be a responsible pet owner picking-up after your pet both in common areas and in others property.

Excessive barking is not only an annoyance to your neighbors it is a violation of city ordinance. Please be considerate.

It is a violation of city ordinance for dogs to run loose.

Storage of Vehicles

Mobile homes, house trailers, trailers, etc may not be kept in the street, in your yard or in your driveway. You are permitted to store such vehicles in your driveway for 48 hours in any one week for the purposes of cleaning and provisioning. (See Storage of Vehicles in Highpointe Homeowners Quick Guide to Your Covenants.)

Parking on a Sidewalk

Please note: It is a violation of City ordinance to park on a sidewalk including blocking a sidewalk with a vehicle parked in a driveway. The City of Covington UPDATE of June, 2003 contained an article pointing out there is a 50 dollar fine for parking a vehicle on a sidewalk. In addition the article noted sidewalks are not designed to support a vehicle and the maintenance and repair of sidewalks is the homeowner’s responsibility

Sidewalk Maintenance

Please remove the weeds and grasses from sidewalks and driveways. Not only is this a tripping hazard; Realtors routinely comment on the negative effect of sidewalk weeds on the curb appeal of the subdivision. (See Landscape Maintenance in Highpointe Homeowners Quick Guide to Your Covenants.)

Thank you,

Highpointe Homeowners Association Board

Annual Dues

Annual dues are due February 1 for the period from 2/1 through 1/31. Dues for the year February 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020 are $600. Late fees are charged and unpaid dues and fees will result in a lien being filed.

Mailing Address

The Highpointe Homeowners Association mailing address is:

Highpointe Homeowners Association
Brian Godfrey, CPA, EA
11602 SE 163rd St
Renton, WA 98058


Association Governing Documents and Obligations

Rules and Regulations