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Below are a list of the available parks in and around covington. Covington Parks Department has a brochure listing all of the parks, but it is a PDF document and somewhat hard to read so they are listed here with links to Google maps locating the parks for you.

Real Parks

  • Cedar Creek Park - Not many people know about this gem.
  • Cedar Valley Park
  • Crystal View Park
  • Evergreen Park
  • Friendship Park - 15808 SE 254th Pl - In the map, it is the converted storm water pond in the center of the picture.
  • Jenkins Creek Park
  • Jenkings Creek Trail
  • 180th/240th Street Park
  • Skate court
  • The Reserve
  • Soos Creek Park and Trail

Not really parks

  • Covington Aquatic Center - 18230 SE 240th - Great place to go for a swim, with a big slide and all.
  • City Hall multipurpose room