Quick Guide to Your Covenants

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Landscape Maintenance

You must maintain your landscaping to the same criteria that the Board of Directors has set for the entry and park areas. Weeds in the sidewalk should be removed and are the responsibility of the homeowner

Exterior Maintenance

You must keep the exterior of your home in good condition so that it is safe, sanitary, attractive, and in keeping with the other homes in the neighborhood.

Building Changes or Construction Including Painting

Before your change, add on to, or construct any building (this includes green houses, kennels, play-sets) on your lot, you must notify the Architectural Control Committee and receive approval for your project. Roofs must be wood or shake; chimneys must be brick, quarry stone or the same material as the house. Changes in the exterior colors of your house must be approved prior to painting. See form: ”Request for Change to or Addition of Building

Storage of Vehicles

House trailers, trucks (except pick-ups one ton or less), campers, mobile homes, boats, or boat trailers cannot be stored in your yard or driveway or street area. You may keep them in your garage. Exception: you may keep a recreational vehicle, truck, boat, etc. in your driveway for forty-eight consecutive hours in a one-week period for provisioning or cleaning the vehicle. Such vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the street.

Holiday Lighting

You must remove all external holiday lighting and decorations no later than thirty days after the holiday.

Offensive Activity

Nothing may be done on your lot that is offensive or considered to be an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

Waste Disposal

You must place waste containers including compost containers within an enclosed area screened from view. You must place all trash, garbage and debris in covered containers that do not permit odors to escape. You may not dump waste materials in the common area or in the street.

Machinery Repair

You may not repair or dismantle equipment or a vehicle outside any building on your lot.


These are the only signs allowed on your lot: one vendor sign not more than one square foot, one sign not more than five square feet advertising the property for sale or rent.


You may keep dogs, cats, or other household pets on your lot as long as you do not keep or breed them for commercial purposes. You may not keep any other animals, livestock, or poultry. You must comply with City Code that limits the numbers and types of animals you may keep, imposes a leash law, and prohibits allowing the animal to be come a nuisance.

Removing Trees

You must have the approval of the Architectural Control Committee to remove any tree from your lot. See form: Request for Tree Removal. While dead trees are to be removed in a timely manner please contact the Architectural Control Committee before removal. Any tree with a trunk 4 inches in diameter requires a City permit to remove. Trees within 20 ft of the street maybe considered street trees by the City and may require City permission to remove. The city requires replacement of street trees that are removed. The City specifies the types of trees, which may be used as street trees.


You may not put a fence or wall between the front of your house and the roadway, except for decorative fences three feet high or less. All fences in the front and back yards must be wooden.

Use of Lot

You may not use your lot for any purpose other than residential. You may not use any outbuilding, temporary or permanent, for a residence on your lot. This includes a trailer, basement, shack, garage, barn or any other kind of outbuilding.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your compliance with these standards has kept our neighborhood a safe and beautiful place to live. If you ever have any appearance or safety concerns about the neighborhood, please bring them to the attention of a homeowners association board member. The board will work with homeowners to make sure all our standards are met.